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Aho, John and Ellen
Allen, Jerry and Albina
Ames, John and Edith
Amundsen, Ernest and Victoria
Anderson, Anton and Alma
Anderson, Jack and Helen
Anderson, Oscar Frank
Andresen, Clark and Marjorie
Andresen, Moritz Alfred and Decema
Atwood, Maud (Evangeline) Rasmuson
Atwood, Robert (Bob) Bruce
Bagoy, John and Marie
Bailey, Ira and Mattie (Mathison)
Balhiser, Charles and Esther
Balios, John
Barndollar, Burton H.
Barnett, Earl and Hetty
Bartels, Jack (Red) and Texenna (Minnie)
Bartholf Family
Basdut (Chief Ezi)
Bayles, Ike and Beatrice
Beeson, John
Bel K'ikghil'ishen (Eklutna Alex)
Bell, Joe and Ida Mae
Berg, Charles and Phoebe
Berger, Heinie and Alice
Berry, Frank and Lillie
Bittner, Ed and Ashton, Anna
Bowman, Henry and Dolly
Bystedt, Gust and Anna
Carlson, Ed and Jenny
Cavanaugh, Peter and Agnes
Cotter, John and Dorothea
Courtnay, Robert and Martha
Crawford, Jack and Nellie
Crocker, U.G. and Mary Ida
Cunningham, J.T. and Eva
David, Leopold and Anna
Dodd, Ed and Ruth
Dool, Burt and Lillian
Enatti, William and Emma
Erickson, Arne and Josephine
Erickson, John and Ingeborg
Ervin, Winfield and Theora
Gelles, Gus and Wanda
Gottstein, Jacob and Anna
Gruble, Adam and Pavelic, John
Harlacher, Emil and Margaret
Harrison, Bessie and Sullivan, Daily
Hartley, Leon and Ruth
Heffentrager, Isaac and Anna
Higgins, Cecil and Clara
Hill, Harry and Elsie
Holdiman, Fred and Maude
Howe, Fred and Stolt, Ellen Pukkila
Johnson, John and Esther
Johnson, Victor and Elin
Jones, Evan and Bronwen
Kallander Pennington, Feodoria
Kessinger, Arloe and Esther

Kimura, Harry and Katsuyo
Knapp, J.C. and Edith
Koslosky, Ike and Lena
Kroesing, Frederic and Ida
Landstrom, Andrew and Elizabeth
Larson, Ray and Ann
Leckwold, Martin and Mattie
LeCoump, Arthur and Agnes
Longacre, John and Edyth
Lottsfeldt, Carl and Sophia
Markley, Dorothy
Marsch, Paul and Eleanor
Martin, Carl and Lucille
McCutcheon, H.H. and Clara
McDannel, John Casey and Mary
McElligott, Edward and Esther
McKinney, William and Alice
Meier, Paul and Odile
Mikami, George and Mine
Nelson, Vic and Hulda
Niemi, August and Maria
Ohls, Werner and Ida
Olson, Charley and Matilda
Pastro, Tony and Mary
Pete, Shem
Peterkin, Tom and Anna
Peterson, Oliver and Peggy
Pfeil, Emil and Muriel
Plumb, C.L. and Jewel
Quinton, Charley and Bessie
Rager, William and Katherine
Rasmuson, Ed and Jenny
Reed, Frank and Maxine
Reed, Frank and Pauline
Rees, Paul and Lee
Reno (Iannone), Gaetano and Lauretta
Rivers, Carl and Hilma
Romig, Joseph and Ella
Schodde, Fred and Marie
Seaburg, August and Christina
Seller, Harry and Kathryn
Sherwood, Jay and Agnes
Sopoff, Nick and Matilda
Sperstad, Ed and Anna
Staser, Harry and Barbara
Stephan, Sava and Anna
Stipp, Logan and Bertha
Stoddard, Dayton and Esther
Strandberg, David and Jenny
Strutz, Louis and Aline
Swanson, Paul and Aileen
Teeland, John and Kate
Truesdell, Archie and Mabel
Tryck, Oscar and Blanche
Urban, John and Edith
Van Zanten, Jim and Johanna
Wahl, Charles and Milja
Wells, Cecil
Wendler, Tony and Florence
Wennerstrom, Bertel and Violet Mae