Marsch, Paul A.

1889-1976 | Businessman and City Councilman

Paul Marsch served on the Anchorage City Council for a single term (1936-1937).

Paul Albert Marsch was born in Portland, Oregon on June 21, 1889, to German immigrant parents Rudolph Marsch and Mary Shoemaker (Schumacher) Marsch. His father, Rudolph, was a barber. He grew up in Portland, Oregon.[1]

Marsch first arrived in Anchorage about 1917, where he was hired as a lumber inspector by the Alaskan Engineering Commission (AEC), the federal agency in charge of construction of the Alaska Railroad. By 1920, he was a clerk for the AEC.[2] He worked for the AEC for a number of years and then was hired by W.J. Boudreau Company, a wholesale grocer.[3] 

On February 23, 1918, he married Eleanor C. Welch in Seattle, Washington. She was born in Minneota, Minnesota in 1884. Paul and Eleanor Marsch arrived in Anchorage sometime between 1918 and 1922, although the exact date is not known.

In the April 7, 1936 general election, Marsch was elected to a two-year term on the Anchorage City Council.  He received a tally of 319 votes out of a total of 674 votes cast in the election.[4]   In 1941, he went to work at Elmendorf Field north of Anchorage until he retired in 1957, and left Alaska the following year.[5]

Eleanor Marsh was instrumental in founding the Ladies Auxiliary of Jack Henry Post No.1, American Legion. She served as department president of the American Legion Alaska Department in 1938-1939.[6] During World War II, she headed up the Selective Service Commission in Anchorage.[7]  

Paul Marsch died on March 13, 1976 in Pinellas, Florida. Eleanor Welch Marsch died in 1978, and is buried in the Pioneers section of Anchorage's Angelus Memorial Park. The couple was survived by their daughter, Peggy Marsch Enberg (1918-1999), and son Burton Marsch (1924-2003). Paul Marsch and Peggy Marsch Enberg had their ashes scattered.[8]



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