Terms of Fair Use and Copyright

The Cook Inlet Historical Society (CIHS) has not determined the copyright status of many of the photographs on the online Legends & Legacies, Anchorage, 1910-1940, website, (“the Site”).  Copyright status can be affected by the date the photograph was created, name of the photographer, and what information accompanied the image.  In instances where the ownership of copyright is known, a full citation and proper credit has been indicated in the entry for the item.

The physical location of the original photographs from Anchorage pioneer families and individuals attached to individual biographical entries on the Site is unknown.  In an effort to promote local community history, the Cook Inlet Historical Society (CIHS) is asserting its rights to use these copy images for educational and research purposes only under the noncommercial fair use provisions of U.S. copyright law (Title 17, U.S. Code).  If you feel that the display of text, photographs, or graphic materials does not give proper credit to the creator or copyright holder of said items, please contact CIHS (see “Contact Us”).  

Copyright to the text in all articles in the Site is held by the CIHS.  The Society wishes to make the individual biographies and other historical information on the website as widely available as possible.  The biographical entries on this website are available as a public service to show the early history of the Anchorage area. 

CIHS makes all information, text, graphics, photographs, and other related materials (collectively, the “Materials”), available for your use subject to these terms and conditions set forth herein.  CIHS may make changes to these terms and conditions, as needed, at any time.

Fair Use of Copyright Material

Individual Users must determine if their use of the individual biographies falls under United States copyright law’s “Fair Use” guidelines and does not infringe on the rights of CIHS as the legal copyright holder of the Site.  Examples of noncommercial educational activities (including teaching, scholarly papers, research, news reporting, comment, and criticism) that may qualify for fair use with appropriate citations and credit to CIHS and any additional copyright holders.  Content from biographies used for such purposes does not require express permission from CIHS.  For some guidelines on what is considered as fair use, see:

You may view individual biographical entries on this Site subject to the following conditions:

  1. The text, photographs, and graphic images, and any additional materials in the individual articles may be used solely for personal, educational, and scholarly purposes.
  2. It is the responsibility of the User to credit CIHS. Proper credit must also be given to the copyright holder of any photographs or other images on this Site.  Please see “How to Cite” and “Copyright & Permissions Policy for Photographs and Graphic Images” in the following sections of this document.
  3. The User agrees to assume responsibility to clear copyright and to secure the necessary permissions for any use of this material, and further agrees to hold the CIHS harmless from any liability for copyright infringement in the User’s use of this material now or in the future, together with the costs of defense.

Copyright & Permissions Policy for Photographs and Graphic Images

The majority of the photographs on this Site were collected by Anchorage historian John P. Bagoy (1922-2005) and are from the Bagoy Family Pioneer Files (2004.11), Atwood Resource Center, Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center, Anchorage, AK.  A large portion of these files consists of copies of original photographs from personal collections of Anchorage pioneer families and individuals and their heirs.  It was not possible to physically locate the original photographs, identify the photographer of most of these images, and secure copyright permission from the original creator or their heir(s).  Under these circumstances, the following credit was used: “Courtesy of the [subject family or families].”  In addition, the physical location of each copied image was specifically identified (by collection name, box number, file title, and name and location of the repository) in the “Sources” section of the individual biographical entry on the Site. 

Images on the Site are based on original historic photographs.  All photographs, graphic materials, and other related materials appearing on this website are the exclusive property of the copyright holders and are protected under United States copyright laws.  CIHS does not own copyright to any photographs or other images on the Site.  No image on this Site by its appearance here should be construed to be within the public domain.

The reproductions of a smaller number of other photographs and graphic materials were obtained from collections of several Alaska library, archives, and museums under license agreement with CIHS.  These photographs are held by various public repositories and CIHS does not control nor can it give permission to reproduce those images.  To publish any of the photographs on the Legends & Legacies, Anchorage, 1910-1940, website, please see the specific photograph credit citation attached to the individual biographical sketch.  Subsequent publication will require the written permission of the library, archives, or museum and the payment of additional fees.  Possession of an image does not constitute permission to use it.  Please contact the institution that owns the photograph for further information.

Please contact CIHS if your intention is for commercial use.  See “Contact Us” to obtain the Society’s e-mail and postal address.

How to Cite

The following (as per the Chicago Manual of Style, 16th edition) is the preferred citation for articles: 

[Author], “[Title of entry],” Cook Inlet Historical Society, Legends & Legacies, Anchorage, 1910-1940, (accessed [month, day, year]).

For photographs, the preferred citation is:

[Description of photograph], [accession or photograph identification number], [name of photograph collection], [Description of photograph], [name of the repository and its location], [Title of entry], Cook Inlet Historical Society, Legends & Legacies, Anchorage, 1910-1940, (accessed [month, day, year]).

The preferred citation for articles is given at the bottom of each biographical entry.